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Volkswagen Service Xpress for North Olmsted, OH

When you need regular service, it can be a pain to set up appointments or wait for your local quick lube joint to be ready for you. Thankfully, we here at Ken Ganley Volkswagen North Olmsted have a solution for you, our Service Xpress. Service Xpress is a fast lane for all your regular Volkswagen services, with a complimentary multi-point inspection at the end. The best part? No appointment is necessary for a Service Xpress visit, so you can drive up and drive out in no time at all!

Service Xpress for Regular Service

You might be wondering what constitutes “regular service” for your Volkswagen. Here is a list of Volkswagen services that you can have done with Service Xpress:

VW Xpress Service

Volkswagen Service Xpress Has OEM Parts

OEM parts are the parts we get directly from Volkswagen. We have them on hand for all our Service Xpress jobs, which gives you peace of mind regarding the quality of the part. Aftermarket parts have a tendency to be made of cheap material and can’t guarantee that they work with your vehicle’s systems. You can also void your car’s warranty with third-party parts. We prefer to stick with what the experts at Volkswagen have given us, and our Volkswagen Service Xpress will provide you with exactly that.

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Volkswagen Same Day Service

Certified Technicians Make the Job Efficient and Top-Tier

A local mechanic can be knowledgeable about cars, but a certified technician is an expert. This means they’ve gone through the required education, hands-on learning, and experience to qualify for the certification test and then passed that test. We hire certified technicians because we like full experts on car maintenance to help your Volkswagen. This will let you rest easy knowing that only trained and professional hands have made changes to your beloved vehicle.

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Try Ken Ganley Volkswagen North Olmsted for Your Service Xpress

We all want car service to be quick, quality, and cost-effective. Quick lube places can usually hit one or two of those, but we always hit all three. VW Service Xpress is our way of making service a breeze for you and giving you a home for all regular service. Once you experience the quality of experts, you never want anything else. Whenever you need our Service Xpress during our extended hours, including Saturdays, we’re here to provide it. Just pull up, and we’ll jump into action!